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A simple, fast, & effective Mold Detox to eliminate the effects of toxic mold exposure

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The mold is gone, but still don't feel well?

It's important to remember that mold is a fat-soluble toxin, so to protect itself, the body will bury the mold deep within fat cells. As a result, even after the source of the mold exposure is removed, the body may still be unable to eradicate the toxins, which can cause acute and long term health effects.

How does Pure Mold Detox help?

Pure Mold Detox is a simple & effective process for removing the burden of toxic mold exposure from your body. 

Pure Mold Detox process includes

  • Supplements: Mycotoxins, aka toxic mold, are best removed from the body using specific supplements and binders which optimize & support natural detoxification processes.
  • Testing: Our practitioners utilize Vibrant Labs proprietary technology, to produce the most accurate and clinically relevant assessment of difficult-to-detect mycotoxins that can cause serious disease in humans. 
  • Additional Therapies:
    • Sunlighten Sauna: In sauna detox, your body sweats out numerous toxins, including dead skin cells, oils, dirt, bacteria, and other toxic substances through pores.
    • EnviroKlenz Air Filter: This EnviroKlenz Air System uses hospital-grade technology to guarantee the air in your home or office space stays as clean and pure as possible.
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Meet the Experts

Laurie Hammer, NTP, NNTS

Laurie was also diagnosed with a rare and fast growing cancer 12 years ago and was cured miraculously and rebuilt her body through holistic nutrition practices and deeper lifestyle changes. She is now a passionate Nutritional Therapist and Neuro Nutrient Therapy Practitioner and is helping a wide variety of clients with toxicity, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, auto-immune conditions and much more. Laurie consults with clients from all over the country virtually and in person.

Dr. Chris Molda, DC

Dr. Molda grew up in York where he was very active in athletics, including working as a tennis instructor at York Golf and Tennis Club. Through his own chronic health conditions, he was able move from pain to purpose to health. Using his expertise and personal experience, he now helps people to regain their own health, youth and vitality. Dr. Molda frequently tells people he is lucky to be doing what he loves and can’t imagine doing anything else with his life.

Laurie & Dr. Molda Interview Nathan Brown of Pure Maintenance


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