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The One Thing You Can Do To Solve Your Health Problem

In the 15 years I've been in practice, the most common thing I've been asked is - "What is the one thing I can do to fix (insert health condition)"

The reality is there's never just one thing you need to do to get healthy - but intermittent and extended fasting comes pretty close.

There are 1000’s of studies on intermittent fasting and most of them look similar to each other.  What they do is they give the same exact food to two different groups.  One group can eat the food whenever they want, and the other group can only eat the food during a small window (6 hours all the way up to 12 hours).  And then weeks later they see what is different. 

What has been discovered is that our health gets better when we eat less often, even if we don’t change what we eat.  Energy, weight loss, mood, blood pressure, brain function and even diabetes have all been shown to improve with intermittent fasting.

In nature...

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Lent: The Perfect Opportunity to Start Intermittent Fasting

In 2019, the #1 searched diet trend on Google was intermittent fasting

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to learn more. In fact you probably know someone already doing it.

As a doctor and a Christian, I love how modern science is confirming what we spiritually recognized for generations.

Fasting is a part of every major religion in the world. In fact, it’s probably the only thing Buddha, Mohamed and Jesus ever agreed on. It is an ancient & universal practice, not specific to Christianity, but certainly an important aspect. 

Growing up Catholic hearing the phrase "fasting and prayer", I never understood why the combination was so powerful.  As I started to intermittent fast, I began to see why Scripture and Church fathers talk about the power of fasting joined with prayer. Genocides are thwarted, adulterers and murders are converted, enemies are defeated, and faith is renewed among believers.

If I could summarize what we read in...

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