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Before you do Keto, READ THIS FIRST!

The Ketogenic Diet is the hottest diet right now.  In-fact, it was the #1 health term of 2018 on google.  If you haven't tried the ketogenic diet, you probably have a friend who won't stop talking about it.  I have been helping people for years integrate the ketogenic diet into their lives and there is one common mistake that everyone makes.  But before I explain what the mistake is, it is critical that you know what the ketogenic diet is and why everyone is doing it.

What it is and what it isn't:

In simple terms, the ketogenic diet is a HIGH FAT diet.  By contrast, a paleo diet is HIGH PROTEIN,  and a vegan diet is HIGH CARB.  Here is a chart so you could see the differences:

Why Keto is so GOOD for you:

There are 3 huge benefits to a High Fat diet.

  1. First, your brain is nearly 60% fat.  If having a healthy brain is part of your plan to live a long and happy life, eating large amounts of fat is a must!
  2. Second, every cell in your...
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