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The Surprising Reason We Gain Holiday Weight

If your anything like me, every holiday season you tell yourself "This year will be different"!  But then the momentum of the holidays picks up and good intentions get steamrolled.  Usually it's because the kids schedule changes, my schedule changes, shopping and cooking has to be done, traveling has to be planned, and everything needs to be coordinated with everyone else's plans too!

When the dust finally settles, it's always the same. I'm exhausted and tell myself "Next year will be different".  And of course, my waistline  has grown 3 sizes too big. I always thought the reason for the increased inches was because of my food choices, and some years that is absolutely true.  But there have been years where I made good choices, and still felt the same way - exhausted and heavier.  Everything changed when I learned one simple truth.  We gain weight when we are stressed out.  More accurately, stress makes us fat.



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